Omställning Järna är Associerad partner i det nya projektet:

REALS -Resilient and Ecological Approaches for Living Sustainably

”A new project for sustainable life in the Baltic Sea Region”


 1st September 2013:

The Swedish Institute (SI) has granted Permaculture Sweden support for the project REALS; Resilient and Ecological Approaches for Living Sustainably), one of four thematic partnerships within the Baltic region during the period 2013-2016. The project aims to create networks and intercultural learning between Sweden, Russia and Belarus, with a focus on socio-ecological resilience and sustainable lifestyle.   In addition, the project is held as a Flagship under the EU Strategy of the Baltic Sea Region, under its Horizontal Action “Sustainable Development”

REALS will run during September 2013 – August 2016, where goals are to increase learning, awareness and access to information in relation to sustainable lifestyles, waste reduction and sustainable resource management in the Baltic Sea region. To underpin this, the project aims to generate cross-sector and international networks within the theme of sustainable living. Here it involves different movements as the ecovillage-, the permaculture ( and the Transition ( movement as well as private and public sectors. Project owner is Permaculture Sweden. Partners are CEMUS at Uppsala University, SLU, Greenelizer (Sweden), the Russian “Ecovillage and Eco-initiative Network REEN, Department of Sustainable Development at the St.Petersburg State University, as well as EcoHome and Ecoproject, voluntary organizations with established networks in the Belarusian Green Movement. REALS is also supported of many Associated Partners. The project will promote the sharing of information between participating countries, especially around the practices and perspectives that highlight local resilience and emphasize the regeneration of the local ecosystem. Expected results are practical thematic workshops, expanded networking and open-source data gained from workshops, research, and other stakeholders.

Approved and funded by Swedish Institute ( with  2 838 198 SEK

Hosted by: Permaculture Sweden.  



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